• Parents & Friend 2016
    Main members of the Parents and Friends
    Group at the Gathering Night 2016 at
    Maxim restaurant.The Group successfuly
    organised the Night with about 250
    teachers, parents and friends attended.
  • Inala Centre 1998
    A precious photo of Lac Hong teachers in 1998.
  • The early days ...
    Students and teachers of Lac Hong
    Viet School at Wacol Hostel in the
    middle years of the 1990s.
  • The early days ...
    The healthy outside activities that helped
    students to learn and have fun at the same
    time were already present in the early days
    of Lac Hong Viet School.

Our school



    Principal:   Mr Vũ Hoàng Nguyên
    Treasurer/Secretary:     Mrs Nguyễn Thị Bông
    Inala Centre Coordinator:     Mrs Vũ Lệ Trang
    Glenala Centre Coordinator: Mr Bùi Văn Đoàn


    Inala Centre

    Class Prep/1A:  Mrs Phạm Thùy Ngân
    Class 1B:  Mrs Pham Quỳnh Chi
    Class 1C:  Mrs Nguyễn Thị Mai
    Class 1D:  Mrs Lý Kim Bình
    Class 2A:  Mrs Cao Thu Hiệp
    Class 2B:  Mrs Nguyễn Thị Ái Huyền
    Class 2c:  Ms Phạm Hiền Neukom

    Glenala Centre

    Class 3A:  Mrs Nguyễn Thị Hoàng
    Class 3B:  Mrs Võ Hiệp
    Class 4A:  Mr Âu Phú Vĩnh
    Class 4B:  Mrs Trần Phương Trúc
    Class 5A:  Mrs Nguyễn Thị Bông
    Class 6A:  Mrs Phạm Kim Anh
    Class 7A:  Mr Phạm Minh Hùng
    Class 8A:  Mr Vũ Hoàng Thư
    Class 9A:  Mrs Vũ Lệ Uyên
    Class 10A:  Mr Mã Cao Đạt
    Class 11A:  Mrs Huỳnh Khương Lan
    Class 12A:  Mr Trần Văn Xuyên


    Mrs Hoàng Kiều Dung
    Mrs Hoàng Kim Chi
    Ms Vũ Lệ Quỳnh

    Art Performance and 4EB radio program:  Mrs Vũ Lệ Trang
    Website admin:  Mr Nguyễn Xuân Long



    Encourage and facilitate the cooperation between parents and school, to help building a healthy education environment.
    Collect and discuss parents' suggestions, and explore ways to improve the standard of education.
    Exchange ideas with and give assistance to help school improve in various aspects.


    President:  Mr Tâm Nguyễn
    Treasurer:  Mrs Thương Thương


    Below are some typical activities that the group undertake in a school year:

    Help to organise the Fun Activities Day.
    Oraganise the annual fund-raising dinner for the group.
    Assist with school's education activities such as:
          -   Enrolment
          -   Activities at and outside school
          -   Awards Presentation Day at end of year


    1. Arrive on time.

    2. Line up in front of class on bell ringing. Wait for teacher before entering the class.

    3. During recess: do not stay inside classroom or leave school ground.

    4. Keep order. Keep hygiene. Protect school's possession.

    5. Dress neat and tidy.

    6. Be polite to everyone and be friendly to friends.

    7. If absent, make sure parents inform the school.

    8. Inform a teacher or staff member immediately if an accident occurs on school ground.

    9. Not to use mobile phone (except for emergency) or any electronic devices (such as iPad, game devices ...) at school. The school does not take responsibility for the loss of such a device.

    Note: The school is not responsible for student's safety after 12:15pm. Parents please contact school if you come to pick up your child late.



    In 2023 Lac Hong Viet School has 2 centres:

    (i) Inala Centre
    Venue is at Inala State School, cnr Glenala Rd and Rosemary St, Durack.
    Inala Centre has Years 1 and 2 classes.

    (ii) Glenala Centre
    Venue is at Glenala State High School, cnr Glenala Rd and Hampton St, Durack.
    Glenala centre has Years 3 to 12 classes. In the Year 12 class the school helps students to prepare for the QCAA's External Examination in Vietnamese.

    Parents please drop off and pick up children at school gates on Hampton Street.

    Class times

    Lac hong Viet School opens on Saturday mornings 8:45am - 12pm. A 15 minutes recess is available during this period. Due to Covid tuckshop is not available at the moment.

    Teaching program

    For Years 1 to 3: the school uses its own prepared textbooks. The textbooks follow the QLD's LOTE program.

    For Years 4 to 11: the school uses textbooks by Thái Đức Nhương, Huỳnh Thị Buôn và Lưu Ngọc Huy. These textbooks are based on VIC Education's curriculum.

    The Year 12 class uses the text 'Luyện Thi Tiếng Việt 12' prepared by Mr Trần Văn Xuyên.


    Every year the school participates in community activities with singing and dance performances in Vietnamese New Year celebration, Mid-autumn Festivals celebration etc., and attended the Hung King Commemoration organised by the Vietnamese Community in QLD.

    The school also participates in the 4EB School Broadcast Program once every 3 months.

    Every year the school organises the Fun Activities Day with help from Parents and Friends Group, normally at end of term 3. The Day includes sporting competitions, face painting, food, etc. for students to enjoy. Regrettably due to Covid this Day could not be organised in the past few years.