• Teacher performance ...
    Though not being singers but the teachers
    at Lac Hong Viet School are always willing
    to participate in the art performance
  • Art performance
    In events such as Awards Presentation Day
    or Gathering Night students normally give
    singing and dance performance.
  • Mid Autumn Festival
    Students of Lac Hong Viet School
    performed a dance at a Mid Autumn
    Festival. The students wore lovely Ethnic
    Minority costumes.
  • The early days ...
    Class 1A at Wacol Hostel Centre
    Sep 1986) taught by Ms Vũ Lệ Trang.


Inala Centre (Years 1-2):
    Inala State School - Cnr Glenala Rd and Rosemary St, Durack
    Center Coordinator: Mrs Le Vu        Phone: 0413 407 454

Glenala Centre (Years 3-12):
    Glenala State High School - Cnr Glenala Rd and Hampton St, Durack
    Center Coordinator: Mr Doan Bui       Phone: 0426 675 749

Principal: Mr Nguyen Vu    Phone: 0411 247 494

Email:  vnlachongqld@gmail.com

Please note:   If your child will be absent for a Saturday class, please let the Centre Coordinator know. Thank you.